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Tips from Resilient Black Women
Wisdom from African and African American women regarding difficult situations faced and strategies that were helpful in resolving difficulties. is shared  These SHATTERPROOF SISTUHS revealed information about challenges in relationships, employment, education, finances, and experiences of grief, and depression. Suggestions for other women who may find themselves in similar circumstances are posed.  the relationship between physical, spiritual and mental health is examined.  Wile it takes a village to raise a child, Dr. Green maintains that it takes a village to sustain an adult.     
  DANCE! It's in Your DNA

Dance: It’s in Your DNA is composed of three segments.  The Sankofa approach is utilized which entails looking back to history as a foundation for dance. In the first segment of this publication, a snapshot view of the history of African dance and its relationship to the evolution of African American dance is explored.   


In the next section, segment, the state of African American health is reviewed.  Current health challenges of African Americans are detailed.  This book then examines the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of dance.


The third segment of this publication presents responses from dancers regarding why they dance. Dancers share their impressions of the benefits, challenges, and experiences that are associated with the art.


Grandmama Mama Drama is a narrative in three parts.  Part One details the custody journey (battle) that many parents and grandparents experience when attempting to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. 


Part Two describes changes in African American grandparent roles, as well as grandparent strengths and needs. 


Part Three includes stories from grandparents across the United States to provide a wonderful assortment of joyful and tearful experiences encountered by families.  Dr. Green’s favorite quote comes from Lattimer (1997), “Many things we need can wait.  The children cannot.”  

Spiritual Resilience provides a chilling account of the state of African Americans today.  Five major inhibitors to African American survival are presented in the initial section of this publication.

The second section of this book identifies ten recommendations for developing spiritual growth and resilience.  Practical day-to-day strategies and spiritual reminders assist readers in creating a context for change. A workbook is also available which will allow groups to work together in identifying goals and determining strategies for change.  


Dr. Green uses lessons learned in her work with clients and travels throughout the United States and the Diaspora to provide examples of resilience practices.



Racial Resilience​

Racial Resilience captures student experiences in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) and in Predominantly White Institutions (PWI's). Student profiles, challenges and tips offer insight into student perceptions of success and barriers, when attending institutions of higher learning. 

Information was gathered from nearly 200 students, representative of a variety of university settings.  Data was obtained from those who were successful, as well as from those who were unable to successfully fulfill their college aspirations. 

Dr. Green offers a unique model for Student Outcomes which introduces concepts of Racial Resilience and Racial Responsiveness as factors that may affect college outcomes.  ​

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 SHATTERPROOF SISTUHS ISBN 97809766728776          $20.00

 DANCE! It's in Your DNA  ISBN 9780976672852               $18.00

 Grandmama Mama Drama  ISBN 97809766872845         $18.00

 Racial Resilience Book   ISBN 0-9766-728-2-0                   $15.00

 Racial Resilience Workbook                                                      $10.00


 Spiritual Resilience Book  ISBN 0-9766728-0-4                 $15.00

 Spiritual Resilience Workbook                                            $10.00

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